Thursday, February 25, 2016

Katei Cranford on Triad Business Journal's "Triad Stage restructures, cuts budget to bolster future", with comments from Kristen Jeffers and Richard Whittington

"They need to be more relevant to folks in town besides the grey-haired dinner crowd.

It is really sad that the City has placed so much theatrical interest in that behemoth "GPAC" (or "TangerPAC" or whatever they want to call it) while essentially ignoring The Carolina Theatre, Community Theatre of Greensboro, and Triad Stage. Like without the mega-structure, Greensboro is void of performing arts, which is just bologna.

What we do lack is a cohesion among artistic endeavors across the city, and while the other three playhouses are concentrated on the south end (in what should arguably be known as the "theater district,") Greensboro will break-ground with the behemoth space several blocks north. Essentially a world away as far as it's all concerned.

Ugh. Well, here's to Triad Stage figuring out a way to survive. I hope they make it work. I really do."

Kristen Jeffers; That and the line about the hip-hop groups not being a fit. Again, way to alienate somebody like me who might consider a subscription if they were willing to push the envelope and be more diverse.

Katei Cranford; Well, downtowners only want "good quality music, none of that head banging stuff." So. Ya know. ....

Kristen Jeffers; Yeah, sigh...

Richard Whittington; Kristen, it was definitely an inartfully worded statement about hip-hop on my part. Our current model relies on 21 performance, 3-week runs attracting on average 6,000 people to the same show. If we can switch it up so that we can do "limited engagements" for example to test the market, it would open up a lot more possibilities for programming. Hip-Hop on the MainStage might be able to attract 6,000 people, but in our current situation we haven't been able to test it. This new way of programming will actually give us the ability to push the envelope even more than we already do. I hope you will check out our current production of RADIUNT ABUNDUNT that uses projections, live music and storytelling to explore the idea of "what is Art" and what does it mean to be an Artist.

Kristen Jeffers; Richard Thanks for responding, I do hope the new model allows for even more cross cultural art. And I really do miss attending and volunteering at your shows. Maybe the next time I am home again for a visit.

Richard Whittington; That would be great! Hope all is well.

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