Thursday, February 25, 2016

Predicting Greensboro's Future

From Jeff Martin at Carolina Under Siege:

"We’d like to take a more enlightened approach to insurgency in Greensboro.  That process begins by understanding what is going on, whether it be wonky city policies or salacious gossip about public officials.  By understanding the issues and personalities, there is a better chance of effectively separating the wheat from the chaff, supporting things that work and people who are faithful servants.  In other words, we’d like to start some fires without burning down the city."

That's one possible vision of the future. The other, from Gate City Bomber in which the city actually burns to the ground:

"like every revolution Greensboro's revolution will only require one man or one woman to start it. I'm not that person, never was. Try as I might I simply don't have what it takes. But something tells me that person is out there and once he or she begins there will be no turning back. Someone will lead the revolution. Every great religious text speaks of a great leader coming to lead their people because it is the one truth of every religion that can be proven time and time again throughout history. It will happen because history always repeats itself.
And that, my friends, is the reality we all have to face like it or not.Are you going to be the ones to stand in the way of history?"

Like I wrote in the comments to Jeff:

"Who, I don’t know but I believe the time is near. Greensboro had best hope the ‘Enlightened Insurgency’ you write of brings us that leader as the alternative will be much like the Gate City Bomber I write of with only one thing for certain– neither will be me."
Fact is: I won't even be consulted but everyone will remember my name for I predicted it all. Which reality, which future will Greensboro choose?