Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Difference Between Snakes And Fascists

Ever wondered about why people refer to the Fascists in power as snakes or snakes in the grass. It's because they see both as silently slithering in to take unsuspecting prey by surprise but other than that snakes and Fascists really have nothing in common except for the fact that both must feed to remain alive.

A friend called me a few days ago to tell me the story of a farmer friend of his who caught a rattlesnake and kept it for a pet for his son-- a sort of learning experience for an inquisitive young mind.

It didn't take long for my friend's farmer friend to tire of paying $2.oo each for live mouse, plus a trip to town, to feed the snake when he knew there must be hundreds of mice in the hundreds of acres he farmed so with his son he devised a trap and quickly caught 6 live mice to feed to the rattlesnake.

Now having recently worked in the pet trade I knew exactly where this story was going before my friend went any further. And any of you who are experienced at raising snakes will know it too.

The farmer's son then put all 6 mice in the cage with the rattlesnake thinking the snake would have food for several days.

When the boy returned to check on his snake he found the snake had eaten one mouse and the other 5 mice has eaten most of the rattlesnake's face.

The thing he didn't realize is that snakes, unlike Fascists, only eat as much as they need. After a snake finishes eating it will rest leaving itself vulnerable to attack even by its much smaller prey. Many a snake owner and many snake breeders have made the mistake of feeding a full snake only to come back and find the snake dead. Even just one mouse can kill a snake with a full belly.

But Fascists, like the Elites and Developers who control Greensboro, our state and our nation today? Unlike snakes and Communists, who can both become lazy, Fascists hunger is never filled, they never rest after filling their bellies and they never stop consuming. That's the difference between snakes and Fascists. Well that and the belief by some people that snakes make good pets. No one thinks Fascists make good pets-- not even other Fascists.

You see, everyone hates Fascists, even other Fascists.

So if you're a mouse and you're biding your time, watching the Fascists devour your mouse friends while hoping the Fascists will eventually lie down and go to sleep... Forget it, the day will never come. Gather all your little mouse friends and even your mouse enemies, and meet the Fascists head on.

It's your one and only option.