Sunday, February 14, 2016

Updated with some Presidential primary forcasts; Turkey bombing Kurds in Syria and other Sunday links

2016 Primary Forecasts

The odds and polls for presidential primaries and caucuses, updated daily.

South Carolina Democratic Primary;

South Carolina Republican Primary;

Nevada Democratic Caucuses;

Nevada Republican Caucuses;

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Timing of Scalia’s Death a Gift to the Left

Good discussion in the comments

35 WTF Moments From the Craziest GOP Debate Yet 

Is a recess appointment to the Court an option?

This is How Financial Chaos Begins
by Wolf Richter • February 12, 2016

The EU is finished if it doesn't allow Italy to fix its banks

The Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi has accused the EU of behaving like the orchestra on the Titanic

When Hillary Clinton Killed Feminism

Warning signs for Hillary Clinton in South Carolina