Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome Lorillard Tobacco Workers

From today's News & Record editorial bemoaning the impending layoffs at Lorillard Tobacco Company in Greensboro:

"This is bad math for Greensboro. What that will add up to in terms of employee numbers — currently 1,100 — hasn’t been disclosed. We hope it will be minimal."

Despite the fact that  Lorillard Tobacco Company employees have publicly and privately spent decades running down the Bessemer Community in which Lorillard Tobacco Company maintains their one Greensboro plant, fills the air with toxic chemicals, dumps polluted water into a stream running right by my home, killing all the fish for which no records are kept and generally despise the very community in which they depend on for not only a place to do business but as a customer base we welcome them to our struggle.

We know you were brainwashed and forced to wear the golden handcuffs and thus you are forgiven.

For you see, when the unemployment checks run out, the savings accounts run dry, your lack of health care causes you to become disabled for which you'll be turned down disability for years leading to the losses of your homes and most everything you hold dear, you too, despite whatever your political leanings might be, will be just like us in the eyes of Greensboro's and Guilford County's political elites who have stood by for over 30 plus years watching our local economic structure collapse and done nothing to fix it, choosing instead to pad their own pockets with taxpayer dollars.

We understand that for you it will be even harder to accept than it was for us, for you are used to having what you need and we understand you once and might still believe us the enemy, but we are not the enemy because unlike the elites we welcome you to our ranks, wish for you the best and dream of a day when none of us are held down.

So share this with your fellow workers to let them know they have a voice at