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9/24/2009; Hartzman and Matheny’s answers to The Piedmont Partnership’s Candidate Survey Question #8 on the Urban Loop.

8.  Completion of road projects, such as the Urban Loop, is of critical importance in our community. What are your thoughts on financing options our community should pursue?
Zack:  “I will consider all options such as working with the state, and toll roads. The city in the past has worked with the state on major thoroughfares to lend money and be paid back to build infrastructure.”

George:  “I believe the northern Urban Loop’s current planned route should be routed north or cancelled, now that the DOT recently increased projections of 72,000 cars a day driving through, and studies have found noise levels much higher than advertised.

I see the need for industrial traffic to access 40 east off of 29, but now that expected traffic levels have materially increased as neighborhoods were allowed to be (what many believe) negligently overbuilt on the route through northern Greensboro, we need to rethink the northern section of the Urban Loop.

From the negative response from neighborhoods along the southern route, the decision makers may be underestimating potential reactions.

Borrowing to lend to a financially strapped N.C. state government to purchase properties seems like an extremely bad idea that could create artificial distortions in the local property market that may benefit a few with influence at the expense of many.”

I do not recall a case I voted on 
where I was intimately knowledgeable about the Urban Loop

Then City Council member Zack Matheny 
of the two years he served on the city’s Zoning Commission 
before his election to Greensboro's City Council
and ascension as a lobbyist for Greensboro's oligarchs at DGI

A bigger interchange

DOT says it needs a chunk of the subdivision for the next phase of Greensboro’s Urban Loop…from the loop’s current end at Burlington Road in eastern Greensboro to U.S. 29.

An expanded interchange is necessary, DOT says, because of higher traffic projections than when roadway engineers filed their initial “corridor map” in October 1996.

Traffic estimates nixed a smaller interchange four years ago, after planners decided to remake U.S. 29 into a controlled-access expressway known as Interstate 785. The Urban Loop through that area will be a four-lane highway identified as Interstate 840.

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