Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dear Contractors: City Seeks RFPs

"On behalf of the City of Greensboro’s Executive Department, the Centralized Contracting Division is currently seeking proposals from qualified and experienced contractors for Downtown Business Improvement District Program Management Services. Management services include five program areas: Economic Development, Planning and Development, Marketing and Communications, Public Space Management and Event Management.  The services are funded with special Municipal Service District tax funds anticipated at approximately $600,000 annually, subject to tax receipts.  The contract shall be for a three year term with two potential one-year renewals."

Please continue reading  Hallelujah !!! by Dang.

And remember that it was here at EzGreensboro.com when in December 2015 we posted DGI To Get Competition and the News & Fishwrap has yet to cover the story. No, we're not bragging, just pointing out the fact that the Fishwrap stinks for covering it up.