Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Diana Digs Dirt: Press Release

Greensboro residents might remember the landscape business, Diana Digs Dirt and the accompanying blog. The following is a press release:

Press Release for Immediate Release
Diana Gardner-Williams
February 5, 2016
(716) 308.1851

Against All Odds Guilford County Mother Continues Fighting for Child Custody
Seeks Viable Class Action Lawsuit Preserving Families,Constitutional Rights & Tax Dollars

"How to Lose the Woman You Love for Good" was bookmarked on a computer belonging to former second wife, Diana Gardner-Williams, a financially dependent mother maliciously turned out(1) of the marital home in Greensboro, NC. She became the defendent in District 18's "Civil" Court March 10, 2015 in a pre-meditated Divorce Complaint where opposing party sought sole custody, child support, unequal property division, claiming mother was unfit(2). This complaint was dated just two months following the recommencement of marital relations during the holiday January 2015. Ms, Gardner-Williams made several plea's to opposing party and family not to proceed with litigation, stating potential emotional harm(3) it could cause mutual child.

Ms Gardner-Williams was falsely accused (4,5) as a domestic violence abuser June 15, 2015(6) and again by allegedly violating the order(7), resulting in 24 hours imprisonment after requesting child's health insurance via text to the father, both dismissed October 28, 2015. Due to opposing attorney's unethical and malicious practices, abuse of process and significant court error(8), feels justice will not prevail and her evidence remain unseen. One of several attempts to protect the safety and well-being of her child, contacted Guilford County's District Attorney to assist and seek justice for several crimes noted in a letter dated January 26, 2016, still without response(9). Currently and exceeding seven months, Ms. Gardner-Williams is alienated from her child where court orders encourage such and stated grieving the loss of her deceased son Tanner Lee(10) does not compare to the pain of grieving her one living child.

In addition to suffering alienation from her child(11), now exceeding a year, continuously endures; social rejection from false allegations(12), debt collection harassment,property loss, legal system abuse, economic devastation (livng by donations), medical treatment denial and in the midst of said chaos, studying NC Law to fight for her child Pro Se uncovering disturbing facts regarding taxpayer dollars and children's best interest(13)

Ms Gardner-Williams stated, "Our children are worth motioning the court changing venue(14) to a Unified Family Court System(15). Guilford County taxpayers have the right to know tax dollar spenditure on false domestic violence protection orders and fraudulent violations, easily obtained by vindictive parents during custody disputes. These injustices's potentially increase the need for victimized parents to seek Disability, Medicaid, Public Assistance and other resources as an indirect result.
Ms. Gardner-Williams is seeking legal counsel to commence class action lawsuit against the State of North Carolina including numerous factors but not limited to; significant civil and criminal court error and fraud, violation of Constitutional Rights, ineffective counsel, malicious prosecution, abuse of process and parental alienation inviting other families of legal standing(16) affected by said factors to participate in the best interest of Guilford County children. In addition, Ms. Gardner-Williams is a plaintiff in a Federal Class Action Lawsuit located online at Parental Rights Class Action.com(17) Due to other numerous and viable civil and criminal lawsuits, seeking legal counsel without Guilford County voting power to act in favor of Diana Gardner-Williams and her child. Ms. Gardner-Williams strongly requests her child's name remain anonymous or result in legal action of all third parties exposing said identity.

Diana Gardner-Williams is a graduate of North Carolina's Agricultural and State University, obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture with honors and 14 year business owner of Diana Digs Dirt at Cornerstone Garden on State Street(18). As a model citizen, founded Just a Cloud Away Journal(19), facilitated events for local charities including; Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test, Heartstrings and SE Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, contributing writer for SE Lifestyle and Open to Hope Foundation, professional speaker, formally president and member of; BNI Networking Group, St PiusX Church, Oakridge Merchant and Southeast Business Associations. She is now living below poverty level and soon to face homelessness(20).
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16.Legal standing is likewise absolutely no issue.  Pretty close to the very same thing as jurisdiction, they are often tied directly together.  Again, there are several available routes, under the different "types" of legal devices, i.e., Constitution, federal statutes, federal case law, etc.  The United States Supreme Court has even itself provided direct and express legal standing for all Members of CAPRA (the parents, like you, who joined the class action suit directly via the website registration form), to-wit: "Parents have a fundamental right to the custody of their children, and the deprivation of that right effects a cognizable injury. See Santosky v. Kramer, 455 U.S. 745, 758-59, 102 S. Ct. 1388, 1397, 71 L. Ed. 2d 599 (1982)." Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57, 68-69, 147 L. Ed. 2d 49, 120 S. Ct. 2054 (2000).  In other words, the SCOTUS has already expressly provided our direct legal standing (and direct jurisdiction) to be in federal court to sue over these exact, same unlawful deprivations of fundamental parental rights, and that is also *in addition* to all of the many other available routes/devices in legal standing. http://parentalrightsclassaction.com/index.html


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