Sunday, March 20, 2016

Melvin, Vaughan, Simpson, Carroll and friends have a problem; " Randolph commissioners create a majority of megasite skeptics"

"Randolph County voters last week elected two new county commissioners to create a majority that will take a much harder look at the development of the Greensboro-High Point Megasite.

...The two new commissioners will join David Allen, who has spent his first year on the board as its lone voice of caution.

All three should look at the David Powell connection,
especially Triad First Capital, Roy Carroll, Jim Melvin and Sam Simpson

Four other commissioners voted last year to spend $10 million on 425 acres within the 1,500 acre megasite. The commissioners entered a contract with the North Carolina Railroad Corp. and the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite Foundation to market and manage the site.

Where is the Railroad going to get the money to invest?

I hear they are going to sell some property?

If the property doesn't sell, how much will the interest costs be for borrowing the money
using the unsold land as collateral?

Allen joined Commissioner Stan Haywood to oppose rezoning the site for heavy industrial use, which passed.

...Allen now will have two staunch allies to ask tough questions and serve as a foil to local and regional leaders eager to lure an automobile plant or manufacturer with a minimum of 1,750 new jobs.

...Frye led the county into a close partnership with the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite Foundation, an arm of Greensboro’s Joseph M. Bryan Foundation.

Now the Megasite Foundation is an "arm" of Jim Melvin

...Just two weeks ago, the county entered a management and marketing agreement with the railroad and the foundation. Worried that the county would be victim of a power play by the foundation and the railroad, for example, Randolph officials won a stipulation in the contract that all decisions must be unanimous.

When in doubt, buy a newspaper and buy as many local politicians as possible, 

...Kidd and McDowell stressed that many voters feel Greensboro and Guilford County officials are pressuring Randolph County to move quickly to pour resources into the site.

If Greensboro's City Council decides to pay for the water and sewer
instead of the state without a deal, doom on them.

...“Everybody’s a stakeholder, but on the other hand, I don’t represent the Bryan Foundation. I don’t represent (foundation President) Jim Melvin or any developers in Greensboro or Guilford or the North Carolina Railroad,” Kidd said. “I represent the people of Randolph county.”

Sounds like Mr. Kidd understands who the stakeholders are

...if it proves to be a bad gamble, the county could end up with a massive site like the one in Kinston. It once was heralded as eastern North Carolina’s biggest job generator, but now is a mostly empty industrial park with a runway and a few hundred employees.

“If we do it the wrong way and we’re not prudent and we’re not vigilant or cross t’s and dot i’s,” Kidd said, “we could look like the Global TransPark.”

Allen is pleased to have like-minded commissioners join him to discuss the impact of development on local residents, how county money is spent, and whether Greensboro and Guilford County are exerting too much pressure..."
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Jim Melvin's Megasite deal,
of which Mayor Nancy Vaughan refuses to disclose details 
of which private interests stand to profit.

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