Monday, March 7, 2016

Nancy Hoffmann's Marty Kotis payoffs; The Election Sum to Date on the 8/13/2015 is incorrect and needs to be ammended

Joe Killian on tonight's edition of City Council's pay to play crony capitalism; "Greensboro council to consider selling [$3,054,100] property to Kotis" for $900,000

Marty Kotis' Tony Wilkins contribution before Tony voted to give Marty a $3 million building for $900,000

City of Greensboro Information Request; "Communications between Marty Kotis and anyone at the City for the last nine months"

John Hammer on Kotis' sweet City of Greensboro real estate deal and the obvious, unasked question of whether the sale was crooked or not

Kotis employee Jeffrey Nimmer giving to Sharon Hightower before she voted to give some goods to Marty Kotis

Marty Kotis paying off Yvonne Johnson before she voted to give a $3 million building to Marty for $900,000

Marty Kotis, City Council, City Staff and the News and Record have a problem

Sharon Hightower's take from selling taxpayer owned property to Marty Kotis for pennies on the dollar

Why should a community in stagnation subsidize Marty Kotis, who, according to Roy Carroll's Rhino Times, is worth more than $100,000,000, whose new projects take business away from the less connected?

Katei Cranford on Marty Kotis and Greensboro News and Record's "fluff piece" garbage journalism

On Marty Kotis' land give away coming up on Tuesday

This is what selling a property to Greensboro's biggest campaign donor reads like

Is Marty Kotis buying City of Greensboro property for less than the appraised value illegal?