Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Oh How They Love To Make Things Up

For starters, we here at EzGreensboro.com have for the most part,long avoided the national political scene, preferring instead to concentrate on the local and very corrupt politics of Greensboro, North Carolina. And our cardinal rule is not to get involved in the finger pointing Liberal vs Conservative debates that always go nowhere. The following will serve as an example of how partisan politics on both the left and the right are destroying Greensboro and our nation.

On Friday, March 4th 2016 @ 12pm  by Hannity.com Staff the following was posted. I took snippets as proof. You may click on any of the images to enlarge them. I promise you it is all lies.

How many people fell for it? How many people linked to it on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts assuming it to be true? How many other blogs and websites repeated the story? Now let's debunk what the Hannity staff posted:

"Kindergarten students from PS75, a public school in New York City, recently took part in a class project in which the children were made to create an American flag with the flags of other 22 other nations superimposed over the stripes. Below the flag read the words "We pledge allegiance to an International Flag."

We can confirm that PS75 is a K-5 School in New York City but after that everything gets hazy.

Hannity Staff provides a link to the auction site but look where it actually goes, not to PS 75 in NYC but to an auction page for Bridge Elementary School in Bridge, Massachusetts. Here's the actual URL as lifted from Hannity's link by right clicking on the link then clicking on copy link location: https://www.biddingforgood.com/auction/item/item.action?id=255444053 I intentionally didn't make it a live link so that you may copy and paste it to your browser to test it.

Hannity Staff explains this by writing:

" UPDATE: The auction site on which the flag was featured has taken down all images of the item as well as any description of it."

But you'll notice no one from Hannity Staff bothered to provide screen grabs or snippets of the web page they linked to just in case the item was removed from auction.

And then there's Google. First we must determine that the auction site is indeed indexed by Google. We do that by going to Google and typing in the name of the auction site without the .com: Bidding For Good . If you click on the link you will notice the website BiddingForGood.com is in-fact #1 in the Google search results meaning without any doubt the site is indexed and recorded by Google.

The next Google test is to search for text. Hannity Staff claims to have lifted the following text from the auction site:

"The students made a beautifully painted stretched canvas American Flag and then applied flags from all the Spanish speaking countries onto the stripes of the American flag. All the children chose a flag to color using colored pencils and they were glued onto the larger American flag. The stars are cut canvas which are painted and decorated with REAL Swarovski Crystals (gold and crystal colored"

But if you search Google using those same words you will find no auction site displaying those words.

By the way, I didn't know what Swarovski Crystals were supposed to be so I googled Swarovski Crystals. Pretty expensive stuff for Kindergarten projects. Not to say that it couldn't have happened but damn all we ever hear about 'round these parts is how strapped our schools are. And is says they're REAL.

Now it is being written at News.Mic that PS75, the teachers and the PTA are being threatened. But did it really happen? Hannity Staff provides no actual proof of the incident. If Hannity Staff are capable of a screen grab of a flag surely they are capable of a screen grab of more of the page. I'm an untrained blogger with a fake high school diploma and I manage to do it every day-- surely Hannity Staff is made up of college educated highly trained professionals, right?

Currently there's no mention of the incident on the PS75 PTA Blog. It's as if they don't even know it happened yet. But using that as any kind of evidence would be pretty much the same was what Hannity Staff has done as it doesn't prove anything, does it. How hard would it have been for Hannity Staff to color some flags and glue them on a US flag? That would certainly explain the Russian flag amongst all the Hispanic flags, wouldn't it?

"Although the description claims that the flags are limited to "Spanish speaking countries", the Russian flag is amongst those that are included."

Of course if Hannity Staff were being truthful the Russian Flag could be explained by the fact that it was said to be kindergartners who made the project. And then there's this:

"This is the type of globalist indoctrination we have come to expect from the public school system, but telling impressionably young American children that their loyalty should lie with some nebulous idea of a global community rather than their own nation is a new low."

Okay, if that's the line that Hannity and company want to take then riddle me this: As Hannity will be quick to tell you, school curriculums are determined by a central socialist authoritarian elite who demand that all students in all schools be taught the same things. Hannity Staff even writes:

"This is the type of globalist indoctrination we have come to expect from the public school system,"

So where is Hannity's evidence that this has taken place in the rest of the hundreds upon hundreds of New York City Schools? Where else in the New York City Schools are students being taught to pledge intelligence to an International Flag?

I frankly think it is past time both the left and the right dialed back the rhetoric, turned off the propaganda machines and started talking to one another about the Fascist takeover of America and the world that the Hannity's of the world have long helped to cover up with their anti-socialist rhetoric. As an avowed capitalist I've no fear of socialism as socialism must have Capitalism in order to succeed-- the fall of the USSR and China's conversion to a capitalist economic system proved it to be so.

And to those of you wishing to comment: I will not get caught up in any liberal vs conservative debate. Those such comments will be deleted as will any other comments that do not add to the conversation. Prove me wrong if you can but do not waste my time and yours with bullshit opinions and trash talk.

PS. I deliberately left a couple of ways for people to prove me wrong if in-fact I am. Let's see if any of my detractors are smart enough to do so.