Monday, March 21, 2016

Remember Project Homestead?

Here at we decided to take a look back at one of Greensboro's long unsolved mysteries Project Homestead and quickly discovered why the mystery has so long gone unsolved: Most of the court records have been ordered sealed and no one is allowed access to them.

But we did manage to get our names on a few of the records and the names that came up read like a who's who of who runs Greensboro today. Another puzzle that I don't think was ever addressed was the involvement of the City of Goldsboro. That's right, Goldsboro, well over 100 miles to the east of Greensboro. Lots of newspapers accounts were written, lots of bloggers shared their opinions but we give you court documents. Here's the documents we have to date:

Notice Of Appearance And Request For Notices Filed 2/3/04

Notice Of Appearance And Request For Notices Filed 2/9/04

Voluntary Petition Filed 1/29/04

Trustee's Final Account And Distribution Report Filed 6/6/11 Also known as who got paid and who got the shaft.

Robert L Donnell Jr vs. Project Homestead Inc and Reverend Micheal A King jury trial demanded, filed June 26, 2003.

 A Monster Under My Bed

I awoke to a dream Saturday morning. Some would call it a nightmare but I wasn't scared.

Some sort of burrowing rodent had managed to dig its way from under my house and surface from under my bed. I briefly petted it as it popped out of the hole it had dug and scurried across the room.

Then the reason for its appearance into my room became apparent. In the dust that had been stirred up I could see the head of a predictor, a fox, coyote or perhaps a wolf that was chasing the rodent through the tunnels trying to force its way through.

The furry little rodent ran out of my room past a friend or family member who was standing in the door telling me I had to catch the predator. "With what?" I asked, "I'm lying on the edge of my bed empty handed."

I'm not scared of doing what must be done but I need the tools necessary to do the job.