Friday, April 29, 2016

"Why Mayor de Blasio Is Facing So Many Investigations" and why Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan and friends should be

"...historians have been hard­pressed to find a mayor who, along with his administration and inner circle, was ever the subject of as many simultaneous investigations — conducted by as many different agencies — as Mayor Bill de Blasio now faces.

...In recent weeks, no fewer than five separate inquiries — involving at least six different federal, state and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies — have come to light. Four of these investigations are focused on possible violations of criminal law.

At the heart of each of the five inquiries is money — in most cases, fundraising linked to the mayor, his election campaign or a nonprofit group
connected with him.

Who would have thought?

...Donors to the mayor’s political endeavors include major unions and real estate developers, and many of them have business before the city.

Mayor Vaughan and the rest of City Council
regularly take money from "real estate developers, 
and many of them have business before the city"
and not one local news outlet reports it

...Two of the main backers of that effort, Steven Nislick and Wendy Neu, have contributed to Mr. de Blasio’s nonprofit.

How much has whom given to Guilford Green (Vaughan), First Tee of the Triad (Mike Barber), 
and One Step Futher (Yvonne Johnson) and their respective campaign funds?

...several city and state agencies are examining a deal by the city to lift protections on a nursing home in Manhattan that paved the way for its
sale to luxury condominium developers. The city sold its protection — a restrictive covenant — for $16 million to a company that then resold the property, for a profit of roughly $72 million.

Roy Carroll, Sam Simpson, John Lomax and Marty Kotis only different

Investigators are looking at whether the for­profit nursing home company may have misled city and state agencies; they are also examining the role of the city’s top lobbyist, James F. Capalino, in advocating the deed removal in 2014 on behalf of the original nonprofit owner. He later represented the ultimate purchaser of the property, on other matters

Jim Melvin and Zack Matheny, only different

Greensboro is a crooked town, with crooked politicians backed by crooked business interests, some of whom masquerade as non-profit do gooders

Nancy Vaughan and Tony Wilkins are in on it.