Friday, May 27, 2016

How Much Are Heritage House Owners Being Paid?

Remember back less than 2 years ago when the City of Greensboro took possession of Heritage House Condominiums, kicked the residents out and sent everyone packing under the guise that the building was unsafe and crime was simply out of control there?

Well despite my having made public documents proving the City of Greensboro deliberately failed to provide reasonable and adequate police protection and grossly overstated the number of calls to Guilford County 911 the City never changed their story.

Despite the fact that I made public documents showing that City of Greensboro Building Inspections had inspected the building and every unit ever year since it opened in 2004 and never found any of the building to be structurally deficient the City stuck to their story that the building was crumbling to the ground-- a determination that wasn't made until after the fact.

And despite the fact that I produced copies of checks written by Mayor Nancy Vaughan's business partner to the City of Greensboro to pay the Heritage House Water Bill (the 3rd excuse the City used) our local media never reported this connection to our mayor.

Well thanks to the remarkable work of people who care about exposing the truth I can now disclose the final insult.

When Heritage House Homeowners bought their new homes in 2004 they paid from $35,000 to $60,000 per unit to move in. Keep that in mind as you click on this link and see what they are being offered today.

I have little doubt you will believe as I have said all along, this was a land grab orchestrated by the Greensboro City Council..