Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Must Read; Roch Smith Jr. on GPD Police Body Cameras and Justin Outling

"Greensboro City Council representative Justin Outling dissembles on city’s police camera policy and demonstrates one of the traits people most despise in politicians, a willingness to distort and deceive to defend an unpopular position.

...The city’s policy was passed at a May 9th city council special session where it was not on the agenda. It was supposedly written by Outling, Mayor Nancy Vaughan and City Attorney Tom Carruthers. It had not been seen by council or the public prior to the motion to approve it.

...It wasn’t until the May 9th special session, when, in a surprise move, council member Jamal Fox moved for approval of the Vaughan/Outling/Carruthers proposal — a policy that nobody in the public or on council had yet read, including Fox, and got a second from Nancy Hoffman, who also had not read it

...Although Vaughan insisted there would be no public comment, when a former police officer stood up and asked to be heard, she allowed him to come to the podium and speak. All others were denied.

...Contrary to what Outling would have us believe, consideration of the policy was not long. It was cut short with a disrespectful betrayal of public trust as public opinion was coalescing around an alternative..."