Monday, May 16, 2016

News and Record owner Warren Buffett announces the purchase of AAPL, whose business is now in decline

The stock is flat since 2012

"Dow Jones Industrial Average Rallies As Warren Buffett Reports $1 Billion Apple Inc. (AAPL) Stake..."

Wall Street moved higher on Monday, following a bruising week...

Statements by high officials are practically always misleading
when they are designed to bolster a falling market.

Gerald Loeb

Apple shares rose 1.6 percent to $91.96 after Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway reported a stake worth about $1 billion in the iPhone maker.

Misconceptions play a large role in shaping history.

George Soros

Why are rising financial markets in the best interests of whom?

Warren wants to stabilize the stock market to stabilize his profits
and the News and Record is going to help him do so,
as it is paramount to electing Hillary Clinton as President of the US

Is it hard to get entrenched economic and political leadership to understand,
if relative legitimacy depends on not understanding?

The electorate may not be as financially uninformed 
as much as the present moment, than the last 50 or so years
due to the aging of the population with the most investable assets
and the manipulation of information by the news industry
who merely acts as a propaganda arm of Wall Street at this point

Could a larger percentage of what you think you think,
be what some frequently suggest you think you think?

All that was needed
was an unending series of victories over your own memory.

George Orwell

Can thought be controlled by repeating positive messages
while underreporting negative, and vice versa?

Have financial markets gained after beating over-reduced expectations,
under-reported bad news or positively spun late afternoon press leaks?

Immaturity is the incapacity to use one's intelligence
without the guidance of another.

Immanuel Kant

A five year Dow chart showing a triple top;
Warren Buffett is trying to prevent the market from falling, in part to save his oil delivery via rail scam going.  Warren and Hillary are Wall Street.  Wall Street is for Hillary.  For Hillary to win, the market has to go higher into the election.

I believe the current political situation will create the most fcuked up market moves since...

The market wants to roll over, but Hillary and friends don't want it to, including the world's central banks and most who work in the financial etc... industries which depend on the easy flow of funds to lend to over indebted consumers.

If the economy tanks going into the elections, Hillary loses.

It's been fake since 2009, but this is the mostest to date.
Hence today's propaganda by the News and Record's Richard Barron, 
Hat Tip Billy Jones;

"...Now, millions of those people have repaired their credit, found jobs and want to own homes again. They’re colliding with Millennials, young people who are finding their first jobs.

More people can buy now, 
so buy now, or look into whether or not you can buy now

Both groups could represent more than 35 percent of all buyers by the end of this year, real estate experts say. That has meant rising prices and even bidding wars for some of the most desirable houses.

Bidding wars = scarcity = sense of urgency, 
compliments of Berkshire Hathaway's News and Record
for the benefit of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Carolinas Realty
among others owned by Berkshire Hathaway like Clayton Homes
and its financing arm

...sellers were eager to pay closing costs to sell houses, “but it’s becoming harder because the seller realizes ‘I’ve got three or four offers on my house. Give me your highest and best,’ ” said Chris Young, a certified mortgage planner with Benchmark Mortgage in Greensboro.

One of his clients was stunned recently when he lost a house to another buyer paying $4,000 over the list price.

Stunned, so buy now, or sell now, as prices are good

...Kelly Marks, who is secretary of the North Carolina Association of Realtors, said house hunting isn’t as easy as it has been in recent years.

“It is very demanding right now,” said Marks, who works for Remax of Greensboro. “We have a lot of people coming into the market and there’s a shortage of inventory for the first time in a very, very long time.”

According to every real estate agent in the world
the best time to purchase a house is right now

With “boomerang buyers” returning to the market and veterans back from deployment, competition for the best houses below $200,000 is tough.

Fortunately, rates remain around 3 percent. Lenders like Benchmark Mortgage can offer 100 percent mortgages to military veterans thanks to the Veterans Administration’s insurance on those mortgages. Loan insurance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Federal Housing Administration also make it easier for mortgage brokers to find loans for all types of buyers.
Marks advises all of his clients to work with a mortgage broker, someone like Young, who can find those incentives and help them get qualified early for a mortgage.

“When you see a property come on the market that you like, be ready to make an offer,” Marks said. “You need to be prepared when you find the property.”...

...many “credit dings” that occurred as a result of the foreclosure crisis in 2006 and 2007 are “falling off the system.”

And that’s bringing millions back to the market.

...Marks cautions that buyers will need to balance urgency with patience.

...the goal is get into the home.”
Billy Jones; "Housing Shortage: Maybe, Maybe Not?"