Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The greatest point to keep in mind considering Greensboro is overwhelming corruption

Zack Matheny, Nancy Vaughan and Marty Kotis have no real interest in doing things right; they don't care about anything but themselves. They just care about filling their pockets with taxpayer paid for loot for as long and as much as possible.

They want and are acting to steal as much as they can before the economy tanks to preserve their current lifestyles.  Zack has probably never made so much money in his life, considering how much he has sold out to our elites.  He'll promise anyone anything from Vaughan and Barber at this point.  Look how much Justin Outling has sold his soul in such a short period of time, and many who voted for him thought he was something other than who he ended up actually being.

For how many years have we had out-of-control crime and corruption in Greensboro, with the help of local 'non-profit' foundations and crony business interests sucking on our local government's teet with the help of the Perkins and Vaughan's of Greensboro's Country Clubs?

For the average "lower middle class" in Greensboro still holding a 40 hour per week low paid job, there is very little room for discretionary spending over and above the high rents of folks like Roy Carroll and Koury Corporation charge for rentals.  If you want to start a business in this town, you are stuck leasing space from one of a consistently falling number of commercial landlords, most of whom support our crooked 'elected' leadership with campaign cash, while the inspectors prioritize the bigs ahead of everyone else at the bottom of the disintegrating entrepreneurial heap of small business owners trying to make it against the overwhelming odds of a system rigged by Greensboro's city council and their connected cronies.

The problem for our working poor is that they waited too long to leave.  They should have left the Piedmont Triad at least three or four years ago without getting stuck here.  We have connected oligarchs starving low paid workers to death in East Greensboro with the help of Sharon Hightower, Nancy Vaughan, Yvonne Johnson, Mike Barber, Jamal Fox and Justin Outling and those who fund them.

We cannot prosper when the local government is stealing from everyone else for their own personal profit.  It’s a no win situation, exept for those who are connected to or are a part of the the hierarchy like Zack Matheny, Jim Westmoreland, Mary Vigue, Jamal Fox, Donnie Turlington, Bob Isner, Sharon Hightower, Roy Carroll, Marty Kotis, Randall Kaplan, Andy Zimmerman, Jim Melvin, Mike Barber, George Carr and all the others who prey or enable Greensboro's City Council to rob our community blind.

These are some of the people in our city who like making a living on the mandatory tax payments of the entire city's residents.  If they are making money on us, and the people most vote for are because of the money stuffed into the campaigns of those who're paying people like Mike Barber and Nancy Vaughan who are stealing from us, then we have a pretty serious problem with corruption in our midst.

To the dismay of Greensboro's crooked elected leaders, Billy Jones will live forever.