Saturday, June 18, 2016

As expected, Margaret Moffitt spins Nancy Vaughan's legal bill story for Greensboro's rulers

This is sickening;
Bill details attorneys' work for Vaughan over deposition in city lawsuit
"...The work, which cost city taxpayers about $8,500, included meetings with Carole Albright, an attorney at the firm who specializes in domestic law. ...she doesn’t remember the nature of her conversations with Vaughan during those October meetings.  ...Albright said Friday that her practice isn’t limited to domestic law, and that she doesn’t remember the nature of her conversations with Vaughan during those October meetings
...Vaughan was deposed because Robert said he had private conversations with her that contradict statements by the city. ...Vaughan denied that...
...Albright, like Rossabi, was a member of Vaughan’s personal team. The bill shows charges for six instances when Albright worked on the case between Oct. 6 and Oct. 29.
...Vaughan didn’t respond Friday to the News & Record’s requests to discuss the matter.  She said in October that she would use her own money to pay Rossabi.
Margaret Moffitt doesn't bother telling her readers Greensboro's mayor lied to the public before an election, and when the billing came to light, everybody who had something to lose got together and 'fixed it' for Nancy.

As for what other kinds of law Albright practices, there are none listed;
The lies keep piling up. Carole doesn't remember a thing after six contacts and Vaughan won't comment. That's what's called a cover up.

"Practiced family law in Greensboro, NC, 1995-1999" and "Returned to practice family law in December 2006" and "Guilford College Paralegal Program, Adjunct Family Law Professor, 2011-present" and "Legal Elite, Family Law, Business North Carolina Magazine, 2015" and "Greensboro Bar Association, Chair: Family Law Section 2011-2012" and "North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in Family Law" and "Family Life Council, Board of Directors (2005-2009), Secretary (2006-2009)" and finally, "Greensboro Day School, Field Hockey Coach (2000-2006, 2010-present), Lacrosse Coach (2002-2004)"

Nancy was "Member Board of Trustees, Greensboro Day School, 2009 – December 2013 (4 years)"

Carole doesn't remember a thing.