Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Greensboro’s Elected Liar and Thief.

Jeff is rather upset with Greensboro’s Elected Liar and Thief.:

"Vaughan’s domestic attorney, who recently contradicted herself in the press, will contend that there is by design no proof of the letter’s provenance.  But that wouldn’t stop Robert’s attorney from producing it in a deposition.  Therefore, the mayor hired a domestic attorney and publicly agreed to pay for it.

Unfortunately, the city has paid the $8500 legal bill, citing as their reason that it had to do with city matters.  And since the dirty tricks could not be proven to have come from Don Vaughan, the need for a domestic attorney, bad as she apparently is, was not required.  Anyone could have sent that letter, making it a matter for the city.

But we know better"
What is amazing is that she will actually show her face center stage at tonight's Greensboro City Council Meeting.

Think that's something? Wait until you finish reading The Zack Book. There are to my knowledge 5 or 6 copies of The Zack Book but only Billy Jones, Candidate for Mayor of Greensboro 2017, is making it public.