Monday, June 13, 2016

On Greensboro's City Attorney and who's whom's who

Having witnessed more than a few Greensboro City Attorneys come and go, it has occurred to me the job is somewhat subservient to the powers who hold the position's occupancy permit.

I think most think Greensboro's City Attorney represents the taxpaying citizens.

My understanding is the City Attorney represents the best interests of the City Manager, who can fire him/her, and a majority of City Council, who can fire Jim Westmoreland, Greensboro's City Manager.

Meaning Greensboro's City Attorney doesn't work for Greensboro's citizens, but a select few within Greensboro's leadership ranks.  That being said, the City Attorney is doing his/her job when acting in the best interests of his/her clients, not the citizenry, but those who control their salaries and retirement benefits and future employment opportunities.

So lets keep the fingers pointed at the political players trying to covertly suppress transparency, as opposed to the designated messengers set up to take all the falls for their paymasters.

Who are the paymasters?

Nancy Vaughan, Jim Westmoreland, Roy Carroll, Jim Melvin, Mike Barber, Zack Matheny etc...

Just so more than a few are a little bit more clear as to who is pulling who's say what strings.

Let's not kid ourselves with what most are going to read in the papers