Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Greensboro City Council Skulduggery

"...Council members who support [the] ...misguided concept of using bonds for infrastructure maintenance and improvement... are actually telling the citizens that maintaining a “no-tax increase” stance enhances their chances for re-election, and therefore trumps a more fiscally sound plan of supporting the infrastructure up-front through the annual budget process.

Unlike the the water and sewer tax increase 
paying for Megasite infrastructure instead of the bullshit we were told

By the time payment on these bonds comes due, our current council members will have retired from politics and will be busy on the back nine at Sedgefield. Pity the council that ends up holding the bag.

...When council members vote in favor of financing infrastructure maintenance with bond funds they’re actually telling us that their future political career is more important than offering an infrastructure that truly promotes the health and safety of citizens..."

W.H. Nash