Saturday, July 30, 2016

How safe is your Greensboro Drinking Water?

It depends on your plumbing. Here is something to think about. According to the article:

"Most lead contamination comes from inside old pipes.

Homes built before 1986 have better chance of having lead pipes or fixtures."

Greensboro switched to Chloramine in our drinking water a few years ago. According to Wikipedia:

"Adding chloramine to the water supply may increase exposure to lead in drinking water, especially in areas with older housing; this exposure can result in increased lead levels in the bloodstream, which may pose a significant health risk.[9]"

According to the US Center for Disease Control:

"Chloramine can change the chemical properties of the water, which can affect lead and copper pipes. Lead and copper levels are strictly regulated in drinking water 9, 10. Your water utility is required to provide high-quality drinking water that complies with the Safe Drinking Water Act[PDF - 4 pages] 11. The EPA provides a manual[PDF - 462 pages] 12 for water companies switching to chloramine to minimize lead and copper levels.

If you are concerned about lead or copper levels in your household water, call EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-4791 for testing information."

Now here is something no one else is telling you: The Greensboro Water Resources Department has temporary stopped using Chloramine until the end of August 2016 and switched to Chlorine so that the lead will be flushed from the system between now and the time they start sending out water testing kits to participating homeowners.
Makes me glad my family completely re plumbed our home with PVC from the meter to the drains years ago.

Update: Don't believe me? How's this for verification from a reader on Facebook.

Pops Rumley ran a successful and well known automotive garage in Greensboro for many years until his retirement.