Thursday, July 7, 2016

JUly 7, 2016 at 5:00pm, three days after the fourth, Greensboro's News and Record bends to report truth

"Inside Scoop: Police use pepper spray during post-fireworks disturbances downtown By Margaret Moffett

Greensboro police spent the moments after Monday's fireworks display breaking up some disturbances around Center City Park.
Police Chief Wayne Scott described the events...

From Scott's email:

"After the majority of the crowds had exited downtown following the fireworks show, approximately 400-500 individuals remained in the area of Center City Park. Most of these individuals appeared to range from early teens to mid-20’s.

A great many of the 'individuals' live within walking distance of downtown

"These individuals began to break into smaller groups of 20-30 and became disruptive. We had multiple physical altercations and several large groups began to run and block sidewalks and streets, pushing people out of their way. We also had a group of juveniles stand on top of one of the parking decks and spit on pedestrians below.

It appears the news and record only reported the story
after the Rhino's John Hammer reported the story

"Most of these issues were ended by an increase in police presence, however some of the fights required officers to become physically involved to prevent further injury to either party...

Zack and friends still haven't figured out
how to rid Greensboro's downtown of local black kids
while they build monuments to themselves with taxpayer money
by systematically engaging in control fraud
relative to the performing arts center bond math
which Rick Lusk and Larry Davis are well aware of,
as Jim Westmoreland is running the show as a marionette 

...Officers used both physical force and OC/Pepper Spray in a few instances to complete arrests and to break up large fights.

It won't take too many instances after the STPAC opens
for a good chunk of the area to fear going downtown

Seems like a good enough reason for a local paper,
complicit in the farce plays nice with the power structure

"My understanding is that the entire incident lasted less than an hour and following this occurrence the call load for downtown and the rest of the city was close to normal..."

If the young lady in Minnesota hadn't have instant Facebook feed,
the video would not have been made public

Contact Margaret Moffett at (336) 373-7031, and follow @MargaretMoffett on Twitter.

If you were under the impression of living in a city 
which isn't seriously flawed, 
you may very well be very incorrect

Hillary walks like Zack and Barber walk,
like the Vaughan's walked with the cash on the White Street Landfill methane

Fec; GPD Stops Putt-Putt

I wonder if Roy Carroll was in touch with the News and Record on this

The Rhino story

This may have never been known