Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A few other outstanding City of Greensboro records requests

Pirt #5643 "HB 713 records" 4/15/2016, Eric Ginsburg, 17 weeks 1 day

Records provided by the Legal Department have been made available for the requestor to pick up. Regarding the email search, 726 emails were exported for review on 4/25/2016. Emails are pending review.
PIRT #5754 "Zack Matheny email search" 5/18/2016, Jeff Sykes

478 emails were exported for review on 5/18/2016. Emails are pending review. 12 weeks 3 days
PIRT #5820 "City's plans to seek declaratory judgement on police body camera policy"
6/9/2016 Roch Smith Jr

The requested record and the emails responsive to the initial email search criteria have been released to the requestor. A modified search was also requested and subsequently run in three parts: 319, 253, and 109 emails were exported for review on 7/11/2016. Emails are pending review.

9 weeks 3 days