Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Doom on Zack Matheny; "Bond money would strengthen Elm Street's 'spine'"

"...Zack Matheny is the leading advocate for the $25 million in downtown projects but said he is far from the leading expert on what comes next if the money is approved.

For now, the CEO of Downtown Greensboro Inc. is working with a consultant to begin a three-month campaign to present a vision for the city...

At what cost?

Was the cost of the consultant included in City Council's approved DGI budget?

In recent weeks, Matheny has said the city should focus on Davie, Church and Greene streets — all of which run parallel to Elm.

Since then, he’s changed his mind.

Perhaps a small grounp of people changed Zack's mind

I wonder whom?

“When we talked about this with some private industry folks and the city and the community, I thought originally ‘Let’s utilize these funds ... to get beyond Elm Street,’ ” Matheny explained. “And everyone came back and said ‘You’ve got to take care of your spine.’ The spine’s what holds the body up. And the spine is Elm Street.”

Fuck Zack Matheny

Zack should register as a lobbyist

Matheny is a paid for pawn of Roy Carroll and friends

...Downtown’s construction boom includes the $60 million Carroll at Bellemeade hotel and apartment development, the $78 million Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, the $10 million LeBauer Park and the $34 million Union Square Campus anchoring the south end.

Richard Barren didn't bother to report why STCPA cost so much more

Richard Barren didn't bother to investigate 
the bullshit math used to justify the debt revenue
for the borrowing by City Council without a referendum

...renovations or future projects that will need improved sidewalks and landscaping to offer a better setting.

How much have Greensboro's taxpayers already dumped downtown?

The News and Record won't report it.

If Elm Street and those extensions bear fruit, his vision of parallel prosperity will happen, Matheny believes.

...As the November vote nears, Matheny said he’ll work to make the case that “you get the biggest bang for your buck investing in downtown.”

“I have a job to do,” Matheny said, “for the betterment of our center city.”

For the betterment of Zack and the rest of City Council's owners,
to be paid for by everyone else

Taxation is theft

Contact Richard M. Barron at (336) 373-7371, and follow @BarronBizNR on Twitter.

Who would be stupid or smart enough 
to put Zack in charge of blowing $25 million?

Probably those behind the curtain who stand to gain
from stealing from the rest of Greensboro's taxpayers