Wednesday, August 31, 2016

End The Police State In Our Schools

Okay folks, just so you know, it was my mother who first forced what was then the Greensboro City Schools to hire unemployed male teachers to work as security officers in what was then the Greensboro City Schools, after I was beaten almost to death by a gang from off campus in the men's room in the South Annex at Dudley Sr High School.

On that day in 1971 my mother was substitute teaching on a long term assignment across the street at Lincoln Jr High School. She understood full well the problems the administration of the Greensboro City Schools was keeping covered up. Imagine sending your child to school then learning he had been carried to Cone Hospital while you were working just across the street.

My mother's goal was to keep students safe. Besides myself she had 3 younger sons coming up through the same schools I was in and no way to get us out. She put her job and our family's livelihood on the line when no one else would dare.

My education was lost because of that near death beating. It took me 4 decades and a lot of therapy to recover mentally. I went back to school after 3 weeks but in my head I never went back to school. But my mother's actions saved a lot of children.

But what is going on today is not what my mother intended. She wanted Greensboro's children to be safe. Instead, we have an environment where, in many instances, Police have become the aggressors and school has become a pipeline to prison.

Those of you who went to Dudley and other Greensboro high schools in the years after I did remember the coaches who taught no classes but instead patrolled the school all day. You know how much safer it was for you than for your older brothers and sisters. That was my mother's legacy, that is what we need to bring back-- people who were trained to handle children.

Oh, and for all you Conservatives out there: Hiring teachers instead of cops would save the County Schools roughly $100,000 per person per year. You do the math.