Sunday, August 7, 2016

"If you are a 2016 GCS graduate, or parent of a 2016 GCS graduate, and awaiting word on Say Yes scholarship payments, please read below:"

"Dear Say Yes Students and Families,
We wanted to let you know where we are in the process of awarding Say Yes scholarships. Beginning July 1, enrollment rosters were sent to all of our college partners to confirm enrollment for Guilford County Schools' seniors in their respective colleges and universities.
Once schools return rosters to Say Yes National, calculations are made for each student’s award and Say Yes communicates the award amount to the students. Checks then go out to the colleges and universities the first Wednesday in September.
We are aware that some schools have already issued payment deadlines for late July and August. We are communicating with schools to defer payment to ensure students are not dropped for nonpayment until the Say Yes funds arrive. If you hear otherwise from your respective college or university, please contact us at 
336-814-2233 or email at
Say Yes National is making calls to every Say Yes college and university this week to ensure a smooth process for all parties involved. As this is our first year working through this process, we appreciate your patience.
NOTE: It is very important that students have indicated their school choice in the Say Yes web portal so that each student is included on the enrollment roster sent to the respective college or university. For instructions on how to complete this, visit:
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 
336-814-2233 or you can email us at"