Monday, August 1, 2016

Meanwhile, over at Billy Jones' place;

"I was sitting in the house about 4:30 PM today when I heard tires squeal and then a crash right outside my window. I ran outside to see a silver Dodge Neon had hit our parked Mercury Marquis head on and driven it backwards about 12 feet.

Later I actually walked off the skid marks to determine how far the car had been pushed.

I saw a young white man and young black woman got out of the car and run away only to run into my brother just a block up the street. He had heard the impact from inside his house and walked out to see where the wreck was. Turns out they live 3 doors down from him and he knows who they are. They told him a story about a wreck 4 blocks away and kept running to their house.

My brother went back inside not knowing whose car had been hit but right after I got off the phone with 911 my mother called him on his house phone so he walked to their house only to have them escape out the back door. It took Greensboro Police almost an hour to respond but in the meantime my brother, several neighbors and myself chased them around the neighborhood.

They called several taxis to pick them up as the young woman had injured her foot or leg in the crash but each time a taxi showed up nearby someone went to check it out and the taxi left empty. But alas, eventually they managed to get a ride out of the neighborhood.

I'm not sure why the officer didn't search the car. There was a lot of loose tobacco and cigar wrappers inside as if someone had been rolling lots of blunts inside. Maybe he didn't want to make it worse for them than it already was. Maybe the fact that the police took so long to respond would make a drug conviction impossible if drugs were found. After all, a good lawyer could make the claim that someone put them there after the pair ran away.

Billy Jones is one of the most interesting people I have ever been friends with

The Mercury, while not hurt all that bad, will be considered a total loss by the insurance company. Despite the fact that it only has 80,000 miles on it, a '98 Marquis is only worth about $2,000 and the cost of a bumper, grill, radiator support and radiator plus labor will most likely exceed the value of the car.

Hopefully the insurance company will pay enough so that my brother and I can fix the Mercury ourselves as Momma really doesn't want to have to buy another car at 84 years old.

Billy's mom is in possession of and exudes unconditional love,
and if you ever met her you would know it inside of a minute

Casey's Towing hauled the Neon away. No one will be driving it again. It's a shame too as other than being dirty it was a good looking little car.

The police will pick up the driver and passenger sooner or later as the owner of the Neon is going to want his or her car fixed as well.

Be careful who you loan your car to."