Thursday, August 18, 2016

NC State Technician; "I still have received little to no feedback from Say Yes to confirm everything"

"Foundation pays college tuition for Guilford County highschoolers

“Say Yes Guilford provides last dollar tuition-only scholarships to eligible graduates of Guilford County Schools,” said Donnie Turlington, director of communications at Say Yes.

...The organization’s primary focus is to provide full coverage of every eligible high school graduate’s tuition from 2016 onward.

“We look at the cost of tuition at a university and subtract federal and state aid, the remaining total for tuition is paid by Say Yes,” Turlington explained.

Though simple in concept, the organization’s assistance has been carried out somewhat questionably according to Ishmail Conze, an incoming freshman at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill studying media and journalism.

“It was fairly simple, I filled out basic information that took about five minutes to complete regarding my address and school info to make an account,” Conze said. “A few months later, I was asked to update my school info to complete the process. I have had a few difficulties … I’m sure I did everything correctly and on time, but I still have received little to no feedback from Say Yes to confirm everything.”

Conze says his parents have also been skeptical of the program, especially after hearing that some awards will not be distributed until after classes begin.
Another incoming freshman at UNC-CH described a similar lack of communication between Say Yes and potential recipients of financial aid.

...“[It was] not a hard application,” said Katherine Pope, a UNC-CH freshman studying biomedical engineering. “Simple, but took a long while to process.”

Pope explained that while her parents are content with Say Yes and its efforts, she thinks that the program as a whole was poorly explained, and that feedback in general from Say Yes has been almost completely absent.

...“To date, over $36 million has been raised in private donations for the Say Yes endowment,” Turlington said, describing how the money is raised for the program. “The money has come from individuals and organizations in and around Guilford County. The goal is to raise $70 million to create an endowment that will live in perpetuity.”

“Say Yes Guilford is paying tuition assistance to over 175 Guilford County students who are attending NC State in the fall of 2016,” Turlington said. “We look forward to sharing in their success in the future.”