Monday, August 8, 2016

Stop Looking The Other Way

Have any of you taken a hard look at the Greensboro City Council proposals for helping the homeless and what they call affordable housing? If you have then perhaps you noticed that the vast majority of the money is planned to be given to the same slumlords who have long made affordable housing impossible in Greensboro.

$25 Million is being planned but of that $25 Million only $1 Million is targeted to help people buy homes of their own. The vast majority of the money is to be directed into rental properties.

I think it's time things were turned the other way around.

Home equity is the #1 means by which working class people gain modest personal wealth and bring their families out of endless cycles of poverty. But the Greensboro City Council has decided they would rather spend your tax dollars to pay back a bond that subsidizes the very people who have long taken advantage of the poor.

Is this what Greensboro wants to be known for? Is this who you want your tax dollars going to?