Thursday, August 25, 2016

Think about it; "autonomous taxis could ultimately reduce the number of cars on Singapore's roads from 900,000 to 300,000"

"World's First Self-Driving Taxis Debut in Singapore

The world's first self-driving taxis will be picking up passengers in Singapore starting Thursday.

Select members of the public will be able to hail a free ride through their smartphones in taxis operated by nuTonomy, an autonomous vehicle software startup. While multiple companies, including Google and Volvo, have been testing self-driving cars on public roads for several years, nuTonomy says it will be the first to offer rides to the public. It will beat ride-hailing service Uber, which plans to offer rides in autonomous cars in Pittsburgh, by a few weeks.

...The ultimate goal, say nuTonomy officials, is to have a fully self-driving taxi fleet in Singapore by 2018, which will help sharply cut the number of cars on Singapore's congested roads. Eventually, the model could be adopted in cities around the world.

How many people's jobs does the automation eliminate?

...the taxis only will run in a 2.5-square-mile business and residential district called "one-north," and pick-ups and drop-offs will be limited to specified locations.

...Doug Parker, nuTonomy's chief operating officer, said autonomous taxis could ultimately reduce the number of cars on Singapore's roads from 900,000 to 300,000..."

There are going to be too many cars and people

Cities with jobs at risk from robots/automation = Greensboro Number Three

Chinese [which could be Greensboro] factory replaces 90% of humans with robots, production soars = Eventual civil unrest

On Megasites; "60,000 workers culled from just one factory as China’s struggling electronics hub turns to artificial intelligence"

"automation is set to replace human jobs across broad sectors of the U.S. and world economies"

"What’s the big “hub-bub” over raising the minimum wage to $15/hr?"

There are too many people

"The robots are coming for jobs that pay $20 an hour or less"

Show Me The Robots