Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Waiting for the News and Record to report;

Wells Fargo to pay $4 million for illegal student loan practices



The News and Record doesn't report stories which could harm Warren Buffett, 
the owner of BH Media, owned by Berkshire Hathaway, owned by Warren Buffett
unless someone points it out enough

Today is the first week anniversary 
following Billy Jones' public records lawsuit against the City seven days ago

Not a word by our community's 'paper of record'

Cowardice this is

from: G
to: "Gamm, Joe" <Joe.Gamm@news-record.com>,
"Moffett, Margaret" <margaret.moffett@news-record.com>,
"Doyle, Steven" <steven.doyle@news-record.com>
date: Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 1:48 PM
subject: Billy Jones sued the City over Public Records yesterday

16 cvs 6934

Guilford County Superior Court


"from: G
to: "Gamm, Joe" <Joe.Gamm@news-record.com>,
"Doyle, Steven" <steven.doyle@news-record.com>,
"Moffett, Margaret" <margaret.moffett@news-record.com>,
Nancy Vaughan <NVaughan@triad.rr.com>,
Jim Westmoreland <Jim.Westmoreland@greensboro-nc.gov>,
"C. A. Womack" <publisher@yesweekly.com>,
"nancy@votehoffmann.com" <nancy@votehoffmann.com>,
"Clark, Jim (Legal)" <James.Clark2@greensboro-nc.gov>,
"Davis, Larry" <larry.davis@greensboro-nc.gov>,
Rick Lusk <Rick.Lusk@greensboro-nc.gov>,
Marty Lawing <mlawing@co.guilford.nc.us>,
"Fox, Jamal" <Jamal.Fox@greensboro-nc.gov>,
"Bluestein, Frayda S" <bluestein@sog.unc.edu>,
Sharon Hightower <hightowerfordistrict1@gmail.com>,
Eric Ginsburg <eric@triad-city-beat.com>,
David Mildenberg <dmildenberg@businessnc.com>,
Mike Barber <mikebarberlaw@aol.com>,
"Craver, Richard N." <rcraver@wsjournal.com>
date: Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 3:53 PM
subject: Fwd: USPS Shipment Info for 70022410000158499637

The lawsuit has been served.


No one is accountable for acts Greensboro's press doesn't report

This is a failure of a profession

Nancy Vaughan sold her soul

Mike Barber...

Tony Wilkins says a lot of words to keep his base intact
while shafting Greensboro's employees and filling campaign contributors pockets
with everyone else's taxes

Who is Billy Jones?