Saturday, September 10, 2016

"Memo to candidates: Stop generalizing and psychoanalyzing your opponents' supporters. It never works out well for you."

"The latest to fall into that trap is Hillary Clinton. The Democratic nominee, at a New York fundraiser Friday night with [establishment elite] donors ...said "half" of Trump supporters fit into a "basket of deplorables," while the other half are people who feel the government has let them down and need understanding and empathy.

No one went to jail

Self inflicted wound

...The remarks also remind of inflammatory remarks in recent presidential elections on both sides — from Barack Obama's assertion in 2008 that people in small towns are "bitter" and "cling to guns or religion," to Mitt Romney's 2012 statement that 47 percent of Americans vote for Democrats because they are "dependent upon government" and believe they are "victims," to his vice presidential pick Paul Ryan's comment that the country is divided between "makers and takers."

Mitt's tax rate, which is about the same
for many D and R establishment elite donors and supporters
like Warren Buffett, whose Wells Fargo rips off
"the other half are people who feel the government has let them down"  

Clinton's remarks, like Obama's in 2008, smacked of [establishment] elitism — [establishment elites] talking to [establishment elites] about a group of people they don't really know or hang out with, but feel free to opine about when talking to each other.

It's always problematic to speak in generalizations, something [establishment elites] would be the first ones to point out. At the point in which you hear yourself saying that you might begin talking in "grossly generalistic terms,"

...The biggest problem in Clinton's statement is that she said "half" of Trump supporters are racists, xenophobes and otherwise bigots. Half means equal or near-equal parts. There's no data to support such a specific number.

..."Former California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman even introduced Clinton at multiple closed-door August fundraisers in California. There, the candidate explained her approach to Republicans interested in Trump, according to one Bay Area attendee. Clinton divides Trump voters into two baskets, she said: the everyday Republicans — her targets — and what she called 'the deplorables' — the 'alt-right' crowd she excoriates and has no hope of wooing."

...the reason reporters know what Clinton said Friday night is because it was one of just six fundraisers that has been open to the press out of more than 330 she's done in this campaign.

...Romney's presidential campaign was severely damaged by his "47 percent" remarks, because it revealed a different kind of elitism for many — that of a wealthy person who appeared to look down his nose at those who weren't as well off.

...(His remarks were revealed almost four years ago to the date — Sept. 17, 2012.)

...The backbone of [Trump's] candidacy has been a steady barrage of insults and innuendo for anyone who disagrees with him.

...Trump has fanned the flames of discontent with demographic change. Even as the country has become more diverse, especially more Latino, Trump has angered Latinos with his comments about immigrants in the U.S. illegally, likening them to "rapists" and criminals in his announcement speech. He said a judge presiding over a Trump University fraud case couldn't be fair to him because he was "Mexican," even though the judge was born in Indiana..."