Thursday, October 13, 2016

I received a call yesterday from the following two Department of Labor personnel

Megan E. Guenther, Counsel for Whistleblower Programs
Division of Fair Labor Standards [FLS]
Deputy Solicitor for National Operations
United States Department of Labor [DOL]

Mary Ann Howe, CFE
Assistant Regional Administrator
Region V Whistleblower Protection Program
US. Department of Labor, OSHA
A "top-to-bottom review of cases, complaints, or violations" was ordered by Labor Secretary Thomas Perez in late September, 2016, which will include a review of "the entire docket" of open and closed whistleblower complaints against Wells Fargo since 2010.
Mary Ann and Megan aren't really doing a top to bottom review to fix anything already broken.

They are doing a review to be better in the future.
On September 27 and 28th, 2016, CNN's Matt Egan and Kohn, Kohn and Colapinto's Mary Jane Wilmoth reported;

"The U.S. Labor Department is reviewing both open and closed whistleblower complaints against Wells Fargo amid allegations that the bank retaliated against employees who called the ethics line. The request for an investigation came as a result of the recent revelation that Wells Fargo employees had created millions of phony accounts...

OSHA has received "a number of" whistleblower complaints from Wells Fargo employees over the past five years, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez said... Nearly a half-dozen former Wells Fargo employees told CNNMoney exclusively they were fired after trying to put a stop to these practices by calling the ethics line.

...Senator Warren stated, "I'm glad DOL is initiating a prompt and thorough agency-wide review of all cases, complaints, and violations implicating Wells Fargo over the past several years to determine whether the agency should bring additional claims against the bank. Every other federal agency with jurisdiction in this matter should follow DOL's lead and promptly determine whether Wells Fargo and its senior executives should be prosecuted or otherwise sanctioned."
The "agency" isn't looking to bring additional claims, per Mary Ann and Megan.

It sounded good, but the whistleblowers who got shafted are to remain so.
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I received a call yesterday from the following two Department of Labor personnel

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