Saturday, October 15, 2016

I was a Real Estate appraiser for many years. I did work for Wells...

...and they were just like many of the others. They required you falsify documents and or plainly lie on appraisals to keep your work with them.

Bank of America, then Nations Bank was the same way and rather than pay late fees on $6,000 worth of appraisals they paid someone else to do a re-assignment on one. The regional manager told me one day that I would get 'x' amount of dollars more on a house or I wouldn't get any more work with them and I didn't.

One bank I went to I applied for a little over a million dollars to buy a small subdivision to breakup and resell. The loan officer closed the door, told me, "This is what we are going to do" and stated that I would pay him $25,000 cash outside the closing attorney's office in an envelope in small bills and he would 'make' the loan work !!!! That on top of his already high fees!!

I finally had to quit because in 2007 over half of the orders for appraisals that came across my desk would not work out at the real value of the property and I refused to jack them up !!!

They refused to pay you for appraisals that 'didn't work out' for any reason.

This was in Greenville SC