Monday, November 21, 2016

Cascade Saloon Costs Cascading Out Of Control?

One of the results of my lawsuit against the City of Greensboro has been the release of tons of public information our elected leaders never wanted the public to know about. One such example is this e-mail exchange between Christian Yorkshire and Councilwoman Marikay Abuzuaiter:

To which Councilwoman Abuzuaiter replied while CCing Councilwoman Sharon Hightower in who's district the Cascade Saloon is located. I think.

As one of our researchers put it to me:

"I'm going through a few thousand emails related to Cascade Saloon and this is the first glimpse of honesty anyone has expressed during the entire process. "

Folks, this is only going to get worse.

I did some checking on Christian Yorkshire. He's one to ask the tough questions. He frequently comments on various articles in our local media with good questions that are too often ignored by journalists and elected leaders alike. And he's very polite. I assume that's why he's ignored.

But he doesn't deserve to be ignored and this e-mail exchange shows exactly why. You see, despite Councilwoman Abuzuaiter's honest reply to Christian's e-mail, City Council, the Greensboro Preservation Society, Zack, Matheny, Downtown Greensboro Inc and others all chose to ignore obvious problems and pushed forward with their facade.

With the end result being the Greensboro Preservation Society being yet another agency having now being shown to be an agency the citizens of Greensboro can no longer trust.

Now you know what they plan to do with all that bond money you voters just passed.