Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Doug Clark and Allen Johnson's Opinion: "The role of the press"

"...There is never a greater need for a free and independent press than when one party rules with absolute power.

How about when two dominant parties rule with absolute power
like the last 30 years, as most shared many of the same campaign contributors,
just like Greensboro's City Council, which the N&R won't report?

...A critical press plays a watchdog role on those who run the government.

Unless the watchdog role interferes with the best interests of the paper's owner,
like Warren Buffet, who kept certain news items out of Greensboro's paper
and only reported about some local Wells Fargo news in Buffett's Winston paper
to censor the news from being disseminated where the events occurred 
and the people who knew or were aware gave a shit

On the federal level, the news media’s job will be challenging. President-elect Trump and the so-called “mainstream media” have a poisonous relationship.

You are the mainstream media Doug and Allen

...Trump responded by calling reporters dishonest, scum, slime, disgusting, and barring some from covering his events.

Some for good reason

'They' let the Democrats rig the primary
and fucked Bernie Sanders out of the bid

...The American people should know if their president has financial interests that could benefit from his official actions, or if overseas partnerships might influence relations with other countries.

Mary Vigue had a financial interest in getting a lease for Say Yes Guilford
while she was representing Greensboro's taxpayers as the Say Yes liaison,
and served on the Say Yes Executive Director selection committee
while she was applying for the job, and got it along with a $1 lease at the library
right down the street from the News and Record, and the paper didn't report the truth

If Trump is hostile toward the press, it might be because his own financial interests are threatened by exposure.

Like Kotis and Carroll and friends?

They aren't hostile, as they have you in their back pockets

Many Trump supporters are angry at the news media for perceived bias against their candidate.

Like the N&R's bias against anyone who isn't in Greensboro's in crowd
which has helped make Greensboro such a fucked up town to live in

...Political leaders always try to control the message. President Barack Obama tries to control the message. Presidents going back at least as far as Franklin Roosevelt have been good at it. Trump, a showman and reality TV personality, might turn out to be the best...

The public also needs independent news sources to inform them when government doesn’t run well, or if policies reward special interests, or threaten public lands, or sacrifice clean air and water.

Which the News and Record doesn't do on a regular basis

Megasite anyone?

Water and sewer for Kotis and Carroll?

Non reporting of give aways tucked into consent agendas

Non reporting of Say Yes rip offs and institutional nepotism

When government holds real power, the people must empower themselves with access to information."

Which the News and Record rarely provides its readers
on a regular basis
Allen and Doug, I am currently in a fight to obtain permission depose Wells Fargo's John Stumpf and former Wachovia CEO Robert Steel on issues Warren Buffett's News and Record didn't report on in Greensboro, but did in Winstion's paper where no one knows who I am or what happened, or read by those who were involved.

How's that for being part of the mainstream media?

How do you not get that you are part of the problem?
Winston Salem Journal's Richard Craver; "Do you have comment or future plans related to WF legal decision"

Greensboro's News and Record is owned by Warren Buffett, Wells Fargo's largest institutional shareholder

How Warren Buffett's newspapers serve Warren Buffett instead of the truth, Hartzman edition

Waiting for the News and Record to report;

"The new mind control"; Wells Fargo and Warren Buffett edition

Winston Salem Journal's Richard Craver: "Wells Fargo seeks dismissal of lawsuit by former employee"

New Perella Weinberg CEO Robert Steel's Securities Fraud and Insider Trading at Wachovia

Winston Salem Journal; "Robert Steel, Wachovia executive caretaker, lands new job"