Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Joe Gaurino; "Kevin MacDonald...makes the claim that Jewish advocacy in the United States has created the phenomenon of white identity politics and the alt-right."

 "While I do not agree with every sentiment he expresses, his talk is packed with truthful, insightful observations. Some of them are quite fascinating. I encourage folks who are interested to view it, and decide for themselves to what extent he has it right":
By financially supporting John Faircloth after HB2 on March 23, 2016, Robbie Perkins put hatred and bigotry before economic growth

Bigots; North Carolina State Senators Trudy Wade and Phil Berger; Bigots; NC Representatives John Blust, Jon Hardister and John Faircloth

Is Greensboro's Don Brady going to ask for his Jon Hardister contribution back, or is he one of the businessmen supporting HB2?

Roy Carroll's John Hammer on HB2; "NC Restrooms: Same As They Ever Were"

Is Koury Corp's Stephen Showfety (Koury Convention Center and Grandover CEO) going to ask Phil Berger for his money back?

Who are the bigots who haven't asked for their political contributions back from Tony Wilkins?

"Rep. Dan Bishop Applauds Overwhelming Passage of the “Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act,” [HB2] Urges Governor McCrory to Sign the Measure" and some of his 2016 campaign contributors, who, by not asking for their money back, are supporters of bigotry and employment discrimination in North Carolina

Proof Marty Kotis is all in on hate and bigotry in North Carolina with John Blust, who voted for and defended HB2

Roy Carroll, John Hammer, Jon Hardister, John Faircloth, John Blust and Trudy Wade confirm they are bigots

"Inside HB2 author's legislative emails on LGBT issues"; Rep. Dan Bishop and some of his contributors