Monday, November 14, 2016

Same garbage from Greensboro's elite, different day

"Experts find challenges and solutions for reviving tourism, downtown in Greensboro

...the city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau and Downtown Greensboro Inc. each set out to look at ways to overcome such state issues as House Bill 2 and such local issues as making downtown a place where people can have fun, make connections and build the local economy.

Just like the last ten times

Armed with new survey data and inspiration from an expert on boosting downtown vitality, the two groups are ready to start the long process of building plans that, they say, won’t sit on a dusty shelf.

Which is what happened the last ten times

The Convention and Visitors Bureau learned this week the results of a survey of more than 100 local business, community and tourism leaders that asked what this city does well and what it does not.

They did the same shit as the last ten times

They interviewed most of the same people, over and over again

And on Thursday, DGI, which is downtown’s economic-development agency, held a discussion with a national expert on creating vitality or as he calls it, “placemaking.”

Same shit, different year,
execpt now the pols have some bond money to give away to their campaign contributors

...Quaintance attended a meeting Tuesday of the Convention and Visitors Bureau where a national consultant presented results of a survey of 110 local people with an interest in tourism.

Just like last time, only paying with new money

...Among those who responded were hotel managers and owners, elected officials, community foundation officials and customers of local hotels, restaurants and convention facilities.

Same fucking insiders
who own Greensboro's City Council

...Another issue for Greensboro is the limited and expensive air service from PTI. It’s not the airport that’s a problem — everyone gave the sleek, renovated airport high marks — it’s the small number of flights and limited destinations.

And very high costs compared to Raleigh or Charlotte

He said it will help the Convention and Visitors Bureau write a better-informed master plan to account for problems and assets.

Same shit, different article by the same reporter
who writes something like it about once a year

...A proposal to improve downtown, still in its early stages, would recruit local people to help the city in a “placemaking” effort to make downtown a unique destination and a place where people would want to live and work.

If Greensboro can gentrify it's black community out of downtown, 
but they won't say it

The only way to make Greensboro's downtown like Asheville
is to get rid of the poor people the rich people don't want to see
which is essentially what Asheville is

Zack Matheny, the president of DGI, held a luncheon Thursday where Ethan Kent of the Project for Public Spaces spoke about “placemaking.” His group helps cities around the world find ways to revitalize downtowns with affordable and colorful projects that connect people without necessarily building large developments.

Greensboro needs to move the Urban Ministry and the IRC away from downtown

If it's not in the plan, the plan is worthless

If not, we are about to spend millions on our elite's real estate ventures
which will then be flushed, just like all the other times

In fact, Kent said, smaller cities like Greensboro are more affordable and easier to navigate, which makes them ideal for downtown revival.

He pointed to Asheville and Roanoke, Va., which have brightened their downtowns and built new public places, such as an amphitheater in downtown Roanoke, with great success.

Two mostly white cities compared to Greensboro
with a downtown right next to the City's poorest populations
with the highest crime rates which is hard to get to from the highway

“It takes a place to create a community and a community to create a place,” Kent said.

How much money did this guy take taxpayers for via Matheny?

Matheny said in the coming weeks he plans to send a survey to the 50 people at the luncheon so they can add their thoughts to the discussion.

Quaintance said all of the efforts are good if they can heat up tourism in the city.
“This is just data,” she said. “And data is your friend, so we’re going to use data as our friend.”