Friday, November 25, 2016

Wells Fargo says customers are subject to agreements in the fake accounts they didn't open

..."On Wednesday, Wells Fargo filed a motion in a federal court in Utah seeking dismissal of a class action suit by the customers it defrauded -- the bank argues that since customers sign a binding arbitration "agreement" when they open new accounts, that the customers whose signatures were forged on fraudulent new accounts should be subject to this agreement and denied a day in court.


This is the same argument that Stumpf made during his disastrous performance in front of a blazing Elizabeth Warren -- that Wells's poor customers should be subjected to agreements they never made, because Wells stole their identities and "agreed" on their behalf."

It just keeps getting better and better

Thanks to the City of Los Angeles for going around the feds

If LA had not filed suit, no one at the federal level would have