Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A comment on "Susan Ladd: Who cares about facts? We'd better hope Congress does"

"fake news stories ...overpowered real news on Facebook in the final months of the election cycle"

Susan Ladd

What is the source of proof fake news overpowered real?
"Acts like these are the inevitable consequence of selling fiction as fact in order to get what you want. Misinformation and inflammatory rhetoric have long been the tools of unethical politics."

Susan Ladd

Like when you went after Guilford County Commissioners for asking if charter schools could get in on Say Yes to Education money, some of which appears to have gone to your child, which you won't comment on?
"Fake news, outright lies and baseless innuendo by elected leaders are most often used in a concerted strategy to obtain or retain power."

Susan Ladd

Do you realize you did the same thing, only different during the election cycle Susan?

Isn't Jill Stien and the money backing her doing the same thing now without your mention of it?

See any Russian hackers around lately?

How about the rigged news and primary Hillary used to win the nomination?
"All that has ever stood between Americans and totalitarian rule has been constitutional checks and balances and the integrity of the leaders elected to provide them."

Susan Ladd

I thought it was supposed to be a free and unbiased press.

You tried your best to sway the electorate with your opinion pieces not in the opinion section of the News and Record.

You have used inuendo to your advantage when it suited your ends, and now you're spouting one sided schemes without mentioning wrongdoings on both sides of the political divide, while doing the same thing you claim to abhor.

You are part of the problem Susan, except on the other side of the spectrum.

Most are in the middle, feeling both sides are just as guilty, which they are."
Kenneth Wayne Ford Jr. was indicted under 18 U.S.C. § 793(e) for allegedly having a box of documents in his house after he left NSA employment around 2004. He was sentenced to six years in prison in 2006.
There is no classified material.”

Hillary Clinton
News conference, March 2015.
Did Clinton’s emails contain classified information?

Yes. More than 2,000 of the 30,490 emails

Clinton turned over to the State Department in December 2014

“I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email.

including 110 emails in 52 email chains that contained classified information
at the time they were sent or received

USA Today
Did Clinton seek government approval to use a private server

Was she allowed to use a private server?

"The gross negligence in using her private email to send classified information
in direct contradiction of what the candidate has claimed
could have amounted to one or more criminal charges."

Howard Kurtz
Do you realize you opined on none of this Susan?
Looks like you missed a story Susan, which is kind of faking news. Hillary Clinton illegally destroyed public records, which means she committed a crime, and then she was absolved in a press conference with Comey, which FBI Directors about never have. You reported something other than what the most important story was. It's like you ignored it. Not one mention. It's like you don't care whether or not an unindicted criminal was at a rally with the President of the United States of America, whose administration let Clinton off the hook for crimes others went to jail and lost jobs for.

You are part of the fake news Susan.

You must realize it, unless you don't, and that would be a serious problem.
Susan Ladd: "Let's start Giving Local" to fund Greensboro mayor Nancy Vaughan's salary

Joan Monaghan Williams‎ to Nancy Barakat Vaughan; March 25 on the Transgender issues

Greta Anita Lint; Aren't you on the payroll for some LGBT organization?
March 24 at 11:11am

Nancy Barakat Vaughan; Yes, I am. The Guilford Green Foundation.

Susan Ladd is an untrustworthy non-journalist
who steps up for her own partisan pet causes regardless of the facts
which she spins to support whatever her die hard supporters push

A comment on; "Susan Ladd: Council owes citizens information on Cole review — and an apology"

You helped destroy Charlotte Jackson's career with your misinformation Susan.

You appear to be trying to start a race war in Greensboro by misleading the public Susan.

Susan Ladd is a propagandist 
who won't go after real wrongdoing in our community
while dissing anyone who disagrees with her extreme views

Warren 'News and Record owner' "Buffett made billions amid Wells Fargo fraud" with the help of Allen Johnson and Amanda Lehmert among others

The News and Record allows Susan to just make stuff up
without consequence

There is no way Greensboro could be as crooked as it is without the help of a compromised press.

We don't deserve Susan Ladd dishonest prose

What Warren Buffett's newspapers did to North Carolina's employees

Wells Fargo "Envision" Retirement Plan fraud the News and Record refused to report to the detriment of its readers

Waiting for the News and Record to report;

How Warren Buffet Makes Wells Fargo Money via Greensboro's News and Record and BH Media's Employees

How Warren Buffett's newspapers serve Warren Buffett instead of the truth, Hartzman edition

Dear departing News & Record reporter Amanda Lehmert

Thousands of investors in our community are relatively getting ripped off by being overcharged, and the News and Record didn't tell anyone after multiples of interviews and provided documentation.

Greensboro and oranges; Don and Nancy Vaughan, STPAC, Joe Killian, Allen Johnson, Walker Sanders, Jeff Gauger, Susan Ladd etc...

First News 2, Now Susan Ladd and the N&R Continue The Cover-up

Susan Ladd's oldest daughter appears to be in line for a Say Yes to Education scholarship

The City of Greensboro's former Assistant Manager Mary Vigue, now Say Yes Guilford Director, was directly responsible, along with City Council and other City staff, for doing Greensboro's employees wrong

Who owns the building Susan Ladd?

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