Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Does it matter?; "Revenues were less than budgeted in 25 states in fiscal 2016?


"The combination of declining revenue and soaring costs forced 19 states to slash budgets in FY 2016, the highest since the "great recession".

Republicans in congress appear to want to balance the budget,
which is opposite of what Trump wants to do,
which is spend public money like Marty Kotis, Roy Carroll and Jim Melvin etc... want to
to line their pockets with money borrowed at interest by Greensboro's taxpayers

...an uptick in state revenue shortfalls have been a solid leading indicator of all four of the previous U.S. recessionary periods.

And the central banks print
while the president elect cheer leads his way into a corner
with fiscal conservatives and all the enemies he's made
come at him with pitchforks, and then cave to the military industrial complex, 
along with Trump himself

...states were forced to cut $2.8 billion out of FY 2016 budgets

No worries, Goldman Sachs has arrived to package some products
to make falling revenues look like they are rising again
until it doesn't work anymore, just like last time

...California's Department of Finance Director warns that a "recession is coming sometime soon" after sales tax collections have consistently missed targets in recent months on the back of lower consumption levels

Think Trump's new cabinet picks are going to increase employment 
at Energy, HUD, Labor, Commerce and Education etc...?

...we're sure the market will find someway to spin this in a positive light"

Think the Environmental Protection agency will have more employees than less
in 24 months?

Does it matter if the central banks still print $200 billion or more a month?


"We live in a society driven by debt"


Markets can go higher, longer than those betting against it can stay solvent


"Thrifty U.S. consumers [left] retailers with less money in their registers and a lukewarm kickoff to the holiday season."


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