Sunday, February 19, 2017

On Buying a Car

"If and when you buy a new or used car, go in toward the end of the year or logical sales period like the end of the month or the quarter. Go at the end of the day when only the sales manager is there-alone. He wants to jack his numbers of sales up and this is his desperate last minute chance.

Same with salespeople who need to make their month end numbers
to get both their draw and commissions for the month

Get the best deal you can–don’t forget the ‘internet coupons’ or other stuff they send you.

Make sure you know what the manufactures rebates are

Let him take your trade in for a test drive. He’ll offer you a dollar amount for it. Accept the deal. Final papers are drawn up, just as you are ready to sign, change your mind and tell him to add the dollar figure of your trade in to your new car price. i.e. You’ll keep your trade in.

Sell the trade in for cash on Craigslist.

Unless it's a garbage car
which needs to be gotten rid of

You probably have just doubled the value of the trade in."