Saturday, March 18, 2017

Renaissance Center Almost Filled

The Renaissance Shopping Center, located at the intersection of Phillips Avenue and Elwell Avenue, only has one space still available for rent.

After years of resistance from city government, it appears the Renaissance Community Cooperative Grocery Store and the residents of northeast Greensboro's Bessemer Community, with much help from the Fund 4 Democratic Communities, Self Help Credit Union, and several community groups, have finally accomplished what many have said couldn't be done.

The RCC target goals are being met and radio advertising is already taking place. Television advertising is set to start soon. Excellent coupon deals are sometimes available in the Carolina Peacemaker and other print publications. For example: I recently bought a copy of the Peacemaker in the checkout line at the RCC for .50 cents and immediately used the $5.oo discount coupon inside.

The shopping center has signed leases with a cell phone provider, Cone Health, Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union, Lawndale Pharmacy, and others leaving only one space open and available for lease.

Also on the same property is a branch of the Greensboro Public Library and a Family Dollar Store that has faithfully served our community for decades.

This is an example of what can be done when politicians get out of the way and why I'm asking you to Never Ask To Do The Right Thing even after I'm gone.