Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rep Faircloth Files Bill To Force Greensboro To Change Its Evil Ways

From Fox 8, NC Bill targets vacant buildings for repair:

But here in Greensboro, the Greensboro City Council has a long history of providing incentives to developers to build new properties and expand the city limits while continuing to ignore these empty properties, allowing them to become eyesores, centers for crime, and a drain on our economic development while they continue to fatten the wallets of connected developers.

Of course, I worry about the particulars and the potential for abuse this bill may produce. Or the favoritism the city might show in enforcing it. For example: Roy Carroll and Marty Kotis, who have both received incentives to build outside the city limits, own properties that could be taken under this new law but will Kotis and Carroll instead be chosen as receivers for properties taken from other property owners who are not as connected as they are?

Is Faircloth's bill a solution to our problems or simply another means of redistribution of wealth?