Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Fastest Growing City In North Carolina And Fake Hotel Studies

Isn't Greensboro. Nope. According to MSN Money, the fastest growing city in North Carolina is Raleigh.

With 92,800 jobs added, a population increase of 12% and growth driven by Domestic Migration, Raleigh beat out the rest of the state with lower than state wide unemployment proving once again that Greensboro sucks.

Meanwhile, your city council is looking for ways to help finance another downtown hotel we don't need. Remember the last time the City Council decided to give away $2 million dollars to help that very same developer build a hotel on that very same location. Turned out the hotel study was fraudulent and City Council gave away the $2 Million Dollars in incentives without even seeing the study.

Has City Council seen a study this time? A real study?