Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

April 30, 2017:

Our critics like to accuse us of lying. Our record says just the opposite. For example:

On April 15, 2015 I wrote: "And rumors abound as to why David Powell of the Piedmont Triad Partnership is leaving town."  On April 23, 2017 the News & Fishwrap published "Lost and found: Former exec David Powell, charged with embezzlement in Greensboro, resurfaces in Wilmington."

On Saturday April 22, 2017 I wrote: "Did Ralph Rodland Resign As Guilford County Democratic Party Chair?"  The next morning the News & Fishwrap printed "Newly elected Guilford County Democratic Party chair resigns." Seems the Party has a problem figuring out who they are supposed to be mailing notices to so most don't even know an odd election is going on. Some might call that voter fraud or election fraud.

Roch Smith jr published Murky public-private partnerships inspire skepticism in Yes Weekly on April 12, 2017 but way back in 2012 we were telling you of a trip to Bermuda by Walker Sanders and John Lomax that was paid for with funding that was meant for the Downtown Greensboro Greenway. And 5 years later neither Walker nor Lomax have been willing to provide any sort of documentation to the contrary despite my explanation in 2016 as to how it was done.

Ask yourself, why has the City of Greensboro never audited Greensboro Downtown Greenway LLC? Why Greensboro refuses to make public results of audits of Action Greensboro. Why did Dabney Sanders never produce the meeting minutes as requested by Roch Smith jr? They are, after all, public records according to North Carolina state law.

On Say Yes to Education, The local media outlets started expressing concerns in the Spring of 2017 but if you click the link, Say Yes To Education and start scrolling backwards you'll find no less than 72 articles dating back to the end of 2015 written by Abner Doon and myself. And all of those articles express the very concerns the local media outlets finally got around to telling you.

The fish tables? Wow, that didn't take long. I wrote Illegal Gambling In Greensboro? on Friday, April 21, 2017 and on Wednesday, April 25, 2017, Ian Mcdowell wrote Checking Out The Fish Tables in Yes Yeekly. Wrong, wrong, wrong: Had to go back and check the dates, Ian wrote his article on April 18, three days before my article.

Yes, I make mistakes sometimes.

How many County Commissioners and City Council Members plan to go to Columbus, Ohio at a cost of $1,399 per person, and why have our daily media outlets been keeping the trip a secret. When will our local TV stations and main stream daily report it? After they all return with another idea that doesn't work? I can still hear Billy Yow telling them all to get back on the bus as Greensboro has no river.

Despite all the fighting I think we'd be better off with another Skip and Billy Show. At least Skip and Billy said what they thought and stood up for what they believed was right. Our current crop of leaders have no spine whatsoever.

There's the bad hits too. Like the wounds from detractors like City Councilman Tony Wilkins who constantly accuses me of being a liar. See what I mean:

Tony has a problem with truth. Truth tends to bite Tony in his big ol' Kotis fried butt.

Or David Mclean, owner of King's English, a local public relations firm which contracts with many of the money wasting projects we here at fight against. David is one of the administrators at the Facebook group, Greater Greensboro Politics. And David wonders why he's having trouble paying his bills.

You see David, the local elites are only one basket of many. And reality is they make up a very small basket for which there is a lot of competition locally. The hours and hours you spend on Facebook promoting these projects and deliberately running down anyone who speaks out against Greensboro's status quo is noted not only by myself but by business owners all over Greensboro.

Trying to silence me is dangerous to your financial health-- are the local elites paying you anything more for banning me from the forum? Somehow I doubt it.

But if you watch these conversations you'll note that neither Wilkins nor Mclean ever provide evidence of their claims-- only accusations. Why?

To be updated.