Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dear Mike Gansey

I'm sorry if I misspelled your name. If that really is your name. Actually I don't give a shit.

You commented on my post, Over 3,033 Guilford County Children Go Hungry, Over 51,000 State Wide something to the effect that I was gutless because I haven't written about what is going on at Smith High School. Sadly I reacted too quickly and reported your comment to Google as being abusive so Google removed the comment.

And just what in the hell is going on at Smith High School? I guess I could google it and find a story but to date no one has told me anything that the media hasn't already reported. I'm not a talking parrot, if you've got something that has yet to be made public I'd love to hear it.

So I went back and looked and it seems you have referred to Smith High School previously in comments I'd missed on a post titled Greensboro's News and Record misleads the public for the benefit of Greensboro's Oligharcy. Which, by the way, was written by Abner Doon and not Billy Jones, aka me. You see, there are several writers here and all our posts are signed but Mike Gansey, if that is your real name, is apparently too stupid to realize that.

As readers can see, Mr Gansey is quite happy to hide behind his keyboard and hurl insults but not intelligent enough to discern who he is insulting. Or what it is he demands of us.

And Mr Gansey, or Mike, can I call you Mike? Or perhaps you'd rather I call you dumbass? Had you actually paid attention when reading Over 3,033 Guilford County Children Go Hungry, Over 51,000 State Wide, you, like the intelligent readers who make up the majority of the readers of this website, would have realized that the majority of the content of that article came from a group called Parents Supporting Parents and was not written by myself or any of the other volunteer writers here at EzGreensboro.com.

If you want to know more about Parents Supporting Parents you can contact Mrs. Lissa A. Harris,
Educational Advocate Parents Supporting Parents 336 662-7445

Mrs Harris is a very nice black woman who is working hard to help students and their families here in Guilford County and beyond. She has worked with me for quite some time. And I believe she and her friends will disagree when you call me racist.

You see, you dumbass son of a bitch, we serve as the voice of a community and write about what the community expresses to us as problems. And in-fact the article in question was a letter to the editor.

But rather than call us names and getting me all stirred up (The rest of our all volunteer staff hates it when I get pissed off and start acting like the stupid people who hate us for telling the truth.) why don't you tell us what is going on at Smith High School instead of ASSuming we're some kind of all knowing white gods bent of black destruction?

You know, quit hiding behind a fake name and send me an e-mail just like Mrs Harris and everyone else who wants to send letters to the editor does.

Be a man.

Perhaps you should start your own blog? It's free at Blogger.com. If you can do e-mail you can do it. Let me know you've done it and I'll even add your blog to the aggregator on the left side of every page on this website. Provide some FACTUAL evidence of your claims and I'll share them.

Or you can send me letters to the editor.

Show me you've got some balls, Mr Internet Rambo.

What's that? You don't have my e-mail address? Everyone else seems to have no problem getting it. Okay, so you're too stupid to find out on your own. Fine RecycleBill@gmail.com

Just remember: you have to have balls to play the games I play. I get death threats on a regular basis, investigated by the Greensboro Police Criminal Investigations Division simply because of exposing VIPs, threatened with lawsuits by Greensboro's high rollers, and make more enemies than I'll ever know. Are you up for it.