Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Greensboro Brings Back Slavery

The illustration is from and Roch Smith jr, a well known local liberal. Be sure to open it up and read his commentary.

Roch is referring to an article entitled Cronyism, Taxpayer Dollars Give Us a Cool Baseball View by well known local conservative Joe Guarino who writes:

"These projects all fit together, hand in glove. The city's taxpayers pay for construction of the parking garages and other items-- here and in other parts of downtown-- to facilitate private development projects.

It is all very expensive. But it is critically necessary to serve the ideology of downtown idolatry that prevails among the local media/left complex. The corrupt machine politics we have in Greensboro is, in fact, a form of crony socialism.

And of course, Zack Matheny is smack in the middle of it. It seems that every time he belches, it costs the taxpayers millions. The alcohol has merely spurred him to belch more often."

And Joe provides evidence.

I disagree with Joe in that what he calls Socialism, I call Fascism. You see, both are a redistribution of wealth but Socialism is a downward redistribution of wealth whereas Fascism is an upwards redistribution of wealth. But Joe is 100% correct in writing:

"I will enjoy the view at the ballpark. But that does not make the whole thing right."

It's time we learned that nice things at the expense of others does not make them right. And such projects being done at the expense of the taxpayers with no chance for public input amounts to little more than slavery by taxation.