Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Who Paid For The Councilman's Trip To Germany?

Were you aware that Greensboro City Councilman Jamal Fox recently made a trip to Germany?

Now just in case you think I made that up, the following link will direct you to the same document hosted on City of Greensboro servers:

Now this document is said to be Jamal's travel and expense reports. The trip was said to be made to bring back jobs but it's not certain if Councilman Fox brought back anything more than Sauerkraut.

Okay, bad joke, but I'm trying not to be so negative.

That's a pretty cheap trip to Germany and back, don't you think?

Especially when Public Information Request #6801 specified:

"all the costs associated with sending Mr. Jamal Fox to Germany."

Seriously, that is also located on City of Greensboro servers:

And interestingly enough, while Mr Brown also asked for:

"Also, could you please identify the companies he spoke with concerning their moving to Greensboro."

The City of Greensboro replied:

"Please find the attached records responsive to your request. We have no records responsive to the portion of your request pertaining to companies that Councilman Fox met with."

The City has no records? Lack of records never looks good. If Councilman Fox failed to provide records for the work he did then why was he reimbursed for his travel expenses?

I earned my living traveling for 28 years. Receipts of travel expenses were never enough. We had to provide records of the work we did and when we did it. If we didn't turn in the paperwork we didn't get paid, nor reimbursed.

So did Jamal Fox travel to Germany and back for just a little over $500.oo, meals, motels, airfare and all? Or did someone else foot the bill? Someone who might hold sway over decisions made by Councilman Fox?

Someone like say, Jim Melvin? Sam Simpson? The Megasite backers?

And was the trip really for economic development? Did Mr Fox not have records of the companies he met with? Aren't meetings involving economic development supposed to be public record? Why does the City of Greensboro not have such records?

Or did Jamal and a bunch of Greensboro high rollers simply go to Germany so no one in Greensboro would see them partying their asses off in public?